March 2016 – Freedom Global

So…what is Kenya actually like?

rencontres aix 2015 FAQ and SAQs (Should-Ask-Questions) About Life in Kenya by Taylor Dietmeier, Uhuru Academy Staff   “So what’s Kenya like?” asked one of my friends on the phone the other day. I didn’t quite know how to answer such a question. Could she be any more vague? As a result, I decided to make a list[…]

Did you know? A word about the Freedom Global staff.

follow Did you know….? That all American Freedom Global staff raise their own salaries?  This includes those in Kenya and the U.S.  The process of raising a full salary (including funds for travel to and from Kenya, health insurance, rent, utilities, food, etc) is different for each person.  However, I can say with confidence that each[…]