Alleviating poverty, empowering lives. Freedom Global serves in Kenya through employment, education and Christian discipleship as tools to serve in Kenya.


Our social businesses provide employment for impoverished adults and invests profits into our mission. We are working to cover our ministry budget through income generated from our businesses.


By investing profits from our social businesses into education, Freedom Global founded Uhuru Girls Academy. Our boarding school is for girls in Kenya who otherwise couldn’t afford or access education!


Through bible studies, chapels, life skills clubs, and one-on-one mentorship, Freedom Global is continuing to see students and adults become believers and leaders for Christ.



THE PROBLEM: While many well-meaning organizations are making valuable efforts to serve those in need through schools, hospitals, orphanages and other programs — the result is the creation of financial dependency. These programs, while good in intent, do not help Kenya become independent and self-sustaining. Our goal is independence!

OUR SOLUTION: Freedom Global’s businesses strive to create a financially sustainable model to give employment, education, and Christian discipleship. We create social businesses to give employment to Kenyans. The profits, generated in the developing country by nationals, are invested into giving education through our boarding school, Uhuru Girls Academy. Giving employment and education opens the doors for us to invest in youth and adults through our discipleship programs.



From sponsoring a student, connecting your church, or coming to Kenya yourself, there are many ways to get involved with Freedom Global! We call our supporters our village. Our villager’s care and the Lord’s faithfulness has empowered our mission since the very beginning, and we’re so grateful! We’d love to have you join us in putting the love of Jesus on full display.


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