What We Do

Freedom Global exists to display Christ’s love by creating sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty in the developing world through social business, education, and discipleship. Our goal is to create a sustainable development model that meets physical needs and opens the door for Christian discipleship for adults and youth.
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Our businesses provide employment for impoverished adults and invest profits into building and managing schools, giving children in need access to education. 46% of Freedom Global’s budget comes from income generated in Kenya.

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By investing profits from our social businesses into secondary schools, Freedom Global creates self-sustaining educational infrastructure for impoverished children.

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Through bible studies, chapels, GLOW clubs, and one-on-one mentorship Freedom Global is continuing to see students and adults become believers and leaders for Christ.


What sets us apart

Freedom Global’s Breaking the Dependency Mold
Working toward a sustainable development model.

Freedom Global was created with a fundamentally different development model in our effort to serve the poor. The Key—working toward financially sustainable programs. The problem: While many well meaning organizations are making valuable efforts to serve the poor through schools, hospitals, orphanages and other programs—the result is the creation of financial dependency. These programs, while good in intent, will only continue if western aid continues giving “handouts”. Our solution: Freedom Global’s businesses strive to create a financially sustainable model to give employment, education and Christian discipleship. We create social businesses to give employment to impoverished adults. The profits, generated in the developing country by nationals, are invested into giving education to youth in need. Giving employment and education opens the doors for us to invest in youth and adults through our discipleship programs.

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