Upcoming Service Trips

Come walk alongside our Freedom Global team and build relationships that will go beyond your week of serving. You will spend time with our students and staff at Uhuru Girls High School, work on the Freedom Dairy Farm, and experience the intimate culture of Kenya including tea walks, visiting students family homes, and even have time to see the amazing wildlife! Spots fill up quick, so make sure you book your spot early!

2023-2024 Trip Overview


We aim to put you up close and in the lives of the Kenyans we serve. We split the service trip into several focus areas.



July 20-30, 2023     |     September 21-October 1, 2023


May 9-19, 2024     |     July 18-28, 2024     |     September 19-29, 2024


What sets Freedom Global service trips apart of other trips? Relationships! On this service trip you will have the opportunity to visit the families of our Uhuru Girls High School merit-based scholarship students. Many of the families live on 30 cents a day after being forced to resettle to the Mai Mahu area because of the post-election violence of 2007. More than 600,000 people were displaced. You will visit in their homes, often 12′ x 12′ tin huts, and see life from their perspective. You will have the opportunity to help make chai tea, cook food over a wood burning stove, get water from the well, share a meal together and learn more about their family and their culture.


As a Freedom Global volunteer, you will have the opportunity to participate in life skills lessons, Chapel and Bible Study, lead field day activities, hold discussion groups and plan craft projects at Uhuru Girls High School. These high school students are able to communicate in English and are so incredible and fun to be around –a guaranteed highlight of your trip!


Giving employment to those living in poverty is an integral part of our mission. We want to let you build relationships with our Kenyan staff as you step into one of our fastest growing social businesses, our Dairy Farm. You will get to help out with small projects needed at the dairy barn, meet the cows and also learn how our farm has continued to improve and grow over the past few years.


You will love visiting and participating in our weekly Chapel and Bible Studies at Uhuru Girls High School that are led by our Form 4 Senior students. You can join the students in a lesson and dance with them as they worship Jesus. Join our Freedom Club which aims to develop life skills that practically apply Biblical truths to the issues that teenagers face. These clubs attract students who might not elect to attend a traditional Bible study. You will also get to visit Cheshire Home, a home for women with disabilities, and participate in our Freedom Club offered there. Their faces light up when they see you and they are absolutely incredible to spend time with!


We will take two days to unwind and search for lions and other wild animals amidst the beautiful Kenyan landscape. Adults and students will be staying in a beautiful tented camp in the Maasai Mara. Do not worry. These are luxury tents with electricity, showers, and a mint for your pillow.


Our lodging and transportation is run through a partner company called Amali Safaris. Their team housing is located in an old British home in the beautiful tea fields of Limuru, Kenya, just minutes from Uhuru Girls High School and Freedom Farm. Our property staff will prepare delicious dinners for you each night and food will be provided to prepare your own breakfasts and lunches.


The cost for each service trip is around $3,000. This includes your food, lodging, transportation, emergency insurance within Kenya (not emergency travel insurance), visa, and plane ticket. Service Trips in summer months could fluctuate by $100 or so. The trip cost does not include your passport, vaccinations, emergency travel insurance, or the optional safari ($380)




Here is an example of what it’s like to go to the home of a Resource Family. Joan was a student at Uhuru Girls who has now gone on our discipleship staff. Click and drag the video screen to get a 360 degree view of her home and Uhuru Girls as Joan tells her story. (On a phone not showing the 360 view? Open the video “Joan’s 360 Story- Freedom Global” in the YouTube app or watch with VR Goggles.)


Want to see our school? Click and drag the video screen to get a 360 degree view of our classrooms, dining hall, chapel and much more. (On a phone not showing the 360 view? Open the video “Uhuru Academy 360- Freedom Global” in the YouTube app or on VR Goggles.)


What to visit our dairy farm? Click and drag the video screen to get a 360 degree view of the dairy. (On a phone not showing the 360 view? Open the video “Freedom Dairy 360” in the YouTube app or watch with VR Goggles.)


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