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We call these events Mission:Connect because that is our end goal – to connect you directly with the people Freedom Global is empowering! Invite your friends, family and business partners to us for a free brunch or lunch where we will Zoom face-to-face with those God is liberating from poverty in Kenya. Then Freedom Global’s CEO, Brad Brown, will share how you can join the ministry in impacting lives for the Kingdom. It will be a lunch celebrating how God is changing lives!
Through our Zoom sessions you will not only learn about our work to serve the poor, but you will also:
  • Meet our staff in Kenya.
  • Talk with someone who has grown up living on less than $1.25 a day.
  • Hear life-changing stories.
  • Start building relationships that cross the sea.
  • Learn how business, education and Christian discipleship can be tools to move forward the Gospel
If you would like to host or attend a Mission:Connect event email for more information.


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