We are working to create a sustainable development model through social businesses.


Freedom Global is different. We are working to create a sustainable development model through social businesses. 

Our businesses provide employment for impoverished adults and then invest profits into building and managing our secondary school, giving children in need access to quality education. Our goal is to create a sustainable development model that meets both physical needs and opens the door for Christian discipleship for adults and youth.

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Freedom Artisans

Freedom Artisans officially started in 2014 as a stateside business for selling handmade Kenyan crafts to support artisans in Kenya and students at Uhuru Girls Academy. Through house parties, trade shows, and church events, Freedom Artisans began to sell jewelry, bags, dolls, and stuffed animals, African bowls, baskets and fabric goods.

This year we developed our Artisan Advocate program. Each of our Artisan Advocates commits to regularly selling Freedom Artisan products and the ministry in turn gives each Artisan Advocate a percentage of sales. Sign-up to sell products to help support students at Uhuru Academy and generate extra income for your family. Consider selling our Freedom Artisan products to fund your service trip to Kenya. Click here to learn more.

If you would like to host a Freedom Artisans house party or to learn more about our Artisan Advocate program, please contact


Farms Supporting the Dairy

Freedom Global’s first social business, a farm, started as a small greenhouse project with nine employees in a resettlement village in the Rift Valley. Today, we have moved our farm closer to Nairobi and our school in Tigoni, Kenya. Our 18 acre farm supports our dairy project. With the farm producing more fodder than our milking cows can use, our Kenya team saw the opportunity to start flipping cows. Much like people flip homes in the USA, Freedom Global is flipping cows in Kenya. We purchase undernourished calves, give them the proper nutrition from our farm and then sell them once strong in 2-3 months. This social business is a tool to provide employment to impoverished adults with profits going directly back into our ministry.


Click and drag the video screen to get a 360 degree view of the dairy. (On a phone not showing the 360 view? Open the video “Freedom Dairy 360” in the YouTube app or watch with VR Goggles.)




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