Freedom Artisans


Freedom Artisans, created by Freedom Global, links talented artisans in Kenya with people in the United States who want to impact lives by purchasing their products. The profits from these products are then invested back into giving an education to students at Uhuru Academy.


Freedom Artisans has found hard working men and women who have created their own craft stores as a source of income for their families. We then support them by purchasing their products. When an artisan sells a bag, pair of earrings, or other craft it helps them send their children to school, pay for their homes and feed their families.

In addition to supporting the artisans’ families, profits earned from Freedom Artisans are invested into students at Uhuru Girls Academy in Limuru, Kenya. Research shows that children who go to school are healthier, more confident and more likely to become employed, therefore breaking the generational cycles of poverty.

You can get involved by hosting a house part or becoming an artisan advocate! Email us for more information.


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