A note from Brad Brown, Co-founder and CEO:

Have you ever stumbled over your words when trying to tell your friends and family about the great work UHURU is doing in Kenya? Perhaps you refer to us as “OO-ROO-HOO Child” or our personal favorite “YAHOO Child”. Even last week when our students at Uhuru Academy in Kenya were interviewed by the Charlotte news stations  WSOCTV and Fox 46 Carolinas (scroll down to see video)we cheered hearing the reporters make an effort to say UHURU correctly.

If you have struggled to say our name then we have some good news! We are excited to share that onFebruary 13th we unmasked our new name and website, Freedom Global. (

Why Freedom Global? Uhuru means FREEDOM in Swahili. The theme of Freedom is core to our mission as we daily work to set people free from physical and spiritual poverty in the developing world. Gobal, because the Lord has given us a vision to expand this ministry’s life restoration work around the globe.

In scripture we see that as God call’s people deeper into his mission he often gives them a new name. Abram became Abraham, Sarai was renamed Sarah, Simon became Peter and Saul became Paul. Likewise, God is giving us a new name.

We will have a new name, but don’t fret. We are more committed than ever to our mission of displaying Christ’s love by alleviating poverty in the developing world through social business, education, and Christian discipleship.

Thank you for your faithful support. You are a needed part of our team, and a part of bringing Freedom to the broken.