At Uhuru Academy we have a service club on Sundays. The Form 2 (Sophomores) have been “serving” by going to a home for women with different mental and physical disabilities. Chesire Home is also where we have a weekly GLOW Club! Joining our Uhuru girls where five students from a Somali school that is close. A few of our students have family members with different disabilities, but for many of our students it was their first real interaction with someone who has special needs. Last Sunday was such a highlight to see our girls learning and growing as they meet people who have different lives than their own.

Watching the girls ask questions and interact with their new friends was a wonderful thing. They each spent time doing their best to communicate and just learn to love on the women and girls. It always amazes me how often we go into situations hoping to serve others, but we are the ones leaving who have been served. I believe many of our students left thinking about their new friends and were taught more from their experience than they ever could in a classroom.

Please pray for our students during their term break. They will be home for almost all of April and we just ask for safety and good decisions to be made during that time. We also want to pray for our students that are leaders on their campuses; that they would share the knowledge and faith they have and be a change at their school. Lastly for any students that we meet with who don’t know Christ personally we are praying for salvation in their lives. We need prayers for the newly started fellowship of the non teaching staff—that it may continue well and lives may be transformed even that of their families and that they won’t feel like it’s something they have to attend because we expect them to.