April is a time of rest for students, teachers and staff at Uhuru Girls Academy.  April is one-third through our school year, which means it is time for students to return home for term break.  At the end of every term, we give awards to the students who are first and second in their class, most improved, most disciplined, and most ‘Vegas’ about learning.  In addition, our teachers and staff receive prizes and recognition for being the most dedicated in their respective areas. On closing day, we celebrate one another through a goat-roasting lunch with the Uhuru family, which includes the Uhuru Shamba (farm) workers.  It was so beautiful to see everyone come together to celebrate what God has done through Freedom Global this term.

Please pray for students, teachers and staff as they return to school on May 3.  The beginning of the term will be an exciting time with professional development, which we call Champion Days, and opening exams for students.  Second term will be full of student leadership training, new sport seasons (soccer, volleyball, and badminton), education interns, and music festival.  Please continue to pray for applicants for the Director of Education position.