Each week Lucy Ngugi and Eunice Wacuka, Bible Study Co-Leaders at Uhuru Academy, prepare bible studies, so they can disciple their peers. Hear their hearts for leading…

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What is your hope for your bible study group?

My hope is that everyone will be changed and that would view everything as possible. I’d like them to gain hope and confidence because most suffer from not having confidence. -Lucy, Form 4 (Senior)

My hope is to be the best bible study group in knowing God and having interest and passion in knowing Him. -Eunice, Form 3 (Junior)


What do you think God will teach you through being a bible study leader?

God will teach me to be open & understanding while He makes me a vessel to pass His message to the next. -Lucy

God is trying to teach me how to understand people, to know what they’re passing through, to feel compassion in their shoes, & how they’re feeling about God. -Eunice


Do you have a favorite verse?

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” 

Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  -Lucy


2 Timothy 3 -Eunice


How has God used bible study in your life here at Uhuru Academy?

Bible study has taught me to be social with everyone and has taught me to gain courage. -Lucy

I’ve learned to give Him my burdens and follow His steps trying to be like Him. I see God in a different way knowing that He hears me and appreciates me. -Eunice


How has it been having a co-leader in your small group?

I have enjoyed leading with my fellow classmate. You know, human beings are not perfect. My partner may be able to help me.  -Lucy

Great! He has put different minds in one place for a reason. Being together helps me to learn and grow even more. Lucy helps me and I learn from her because she is mature in spirit and very humble. -Eunice

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