Thoughts from Kelvin Massio, Social Enterprise Director Kenya


Last week something happened at the farm. As the sun was about to set, one of the calves suddenly fell ill. The calf shook all over, fell down and started foaming in the mouth. It was suddenly panic mode for everyone at the shamba, we dropped what we were doing and ran to rescue the calf. Not exactly sure what to do, we fumbled and tried all sorts of techniques to save its life. We all had a tough day and the thought of going to bed on a sad note was certainly not a good idea. Everyone was pacing around and whispering prayers, keen to try and save the little ones life.

In the midst of all the chaos, the other two calfs that are at the farm were just there- seemingly unaware of anything that was going on. I glanced at them still grazing and I was taken aback, thinking,  ‘your friend just collapsed and is about to die, why are you here just grazing as if nothing happened?’

As I looked at the dying calf and his brothers two feet from him but unbothered, I asked myself, ‘how come we (humans) are the only ones bothered by the wonder that was happening yet the other animals around weren’t affected at all?’

I almost felt angry at them not doing anything to help us. At one moment I felt like we were the only compassionate soldiers in a war field, and I thanked God that at least I could comprehend what was before me. I felt like the animals were ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ because they didn’t understand what was happening.

While pondering how different animals and humans were, I drew this lesson: human beings are not the strongest species on the planet, not the fastest or even the smartest, but the one advantage we have over every other animal is our ability to collaborate. The desire to help each other out and attempt to fix things. We recognize others who are oppressed and are hurting, and we are programmed for compassion. For heroism. For love. For justice.

We were created with the ability to comprehend injustice and oppression, and that is why we fight for freedom -Uhuru- because we recognize the oppression and injustice in this broken world. 

We fight for Freedom, because, he has set us free.

P.S.- The calf miraculously survived