Give Employment

Key Places to Give

Give Employment

Employment at Freedom Dairy restores dignity and gives our employees a home for their family. By giving $100 per month you will join with others to employ a Kenyan from a humble background.

Rent Farm Land

It costs $4,000 per year ($333 per month) to rent the 18.5 acres of land we need to run our entire dairy operation. Would you consider donating all or part of the land rent?

Buy A Cow

Help Freedom Dairy grow it’s impact by purchasing a cow. The more cows we own the more employment we can give. Adding cows also builds our milk sales generates more income to support Uhuru Academy. (We’ll even let you name her!)

Dairy Farm Supplies

Every $50 you give will help Freedom Dairy buy needed supplies. Our farm relies on feed shredders, milking machines, water pumps, vehicles, pregnancy kits, filters and more. Your gift helps us to maintain our equipment needs so we can directly pour profits into our all-girls boarding school.

Creating Businesses.
Giving Employment. 
Funding Education.

We create businesses to give employment to men and women living in poverty. All profits are invested into giving an education to impoverished youth in Kenya. 

Since 2010 Freedom Global has given employment through produce farms, chicken rearing, pig rearing, growing wheat, selling Artisan products (Jewelry, bags, home goods, and more) and a dairy farm. Our products have been sold in the top grocery stores, restaurants and dairies across Kenya. 

Today our two primary businesses we use to give employment are a dairy farm (Freedom Dairy) and a business that purchases products from artisans and sells them in the USA (Freedom Artisans). 


Kenyans love chai tea with milk. Unfortunately there is not enough dairy milk to meet the demand. That’s where Freedom Dairy enters. We give employment to families from humble backgrounds by giving them jobs at our dairy farm. 


Freedom Artisans, officially started in 2014 as a stateside business for selling handmade Kenyan crafts to support artisans in Kenya and students at Uhuru Academy. Through house parties, trade shows, and church events, Freedom Artisans began to sell jewelry, bags, dolls and stuffed animals, African bowls, baskets and fabric goods.

Join our Artisan Advocate program. Each of our Artisan Advocates commits to regularly selling Freedom Artisan products and the ministry in turn gives each Artisan Advocate a percentage of sales. Sign-up to sell products to help support students at Uhuru Academy and generate extra income for your family. Consider selling our Freedom Artisan products to fund your service trip to Kenya.

If you would like to host a Freedom Artisans house party or to learn more about our Artisan Advocate program, please contact