Students Attend the Kenyan Science and Engineering Fair

Uhuru Academy has had a crazy busy month!  We sent 18 students to the Kenyan Science and Engineering Fair with projects on eggshell recycling, light-emitting lava lamps, road repairs with recycled materials and more.  We also received our national exam results from 2015 and learned that within our sub-county, Uhuru Academy is ranked tenth out of the 28 schools […]

Uhuru Academy Students Serve Community

At Uhuru Academy we have a service club on Sundays. The Form 2 (Sophomores) have been “serving” by going to a home for women with different mental and physical disabilities. Chesire Home is also where we have a weekly GLOW Club! Joining our Uhuru girls where five students from a Somali school that is close. A few of our […]

New Dairy Business at Our Farm

This January we launched a dairy business in Kenya. For every $1,200 donation toward a cow Freedom Global will earn approximately $3,000 annual profit from selling the milk. The profit is then invested into Uhuru Academy to help push it toward sustainability. Since each cow can breed five times during their lifespan this one donation can bring […]

So…what is Kenya actually like?

FAQ and SAQs (Should-Ask-Questions) About Life in Kenya by Taylor Dietmeier, Uhuru Academy Staff   “So what’s Kenya like?” asked one of my friends on the phone the other day. I didn’t quite know how to answer such a question. Could she be any more vague? As a result, I decided to make a list […]

Did you know? A word about the Freedom Global staff.

Did you know….? That all American Freedom Global staff raise their own salaries?  This includes those in Kenya and the U.S.  The process of raising a full salary (including funds for travel to and from Kenya, health insurance, rent, utilities, food, etc) is different for each person.  However, I can say with confidence that each […]

Keep Pounding- All the way from Kenya

If you followed Freedom Global (previously Uhuru Child) on any forms of social media prior to the Super Bowl this year, you probably noticed that the students from Uhuru Academy were cheering for the Carolina Panthers all the way from Kenya! Since Freedom Global is an NGO based out of Durham, NC, the students joined with many staff members […]

New Name. Same Great Mission.

A note from Brad Brown, Co-founder and CEO: Have you ever stumbled over your words when trying to tell your friends and family about the great work UHURU is doing in Kenya? Perhaps you refer to us as “OO-ROO-HOO Child” or our personal favorite “YAHOO Child”. Even last week when our students at Uhuru Academy […]